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The first Human Grade insect-based ingredient for pets.


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Feeding the black soldier fly with agro-food waste produces an organic fertilizer of high agronomic value. From the larvae of the BSF are extracted products for pet food and feed that are hypoallergenic, of high nutritional value, and have a low environmental impact.

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We offer a consultancy service to design insect-based pet foods that satisfy specific needs and enable the product to be brought to market faster.

Protein Italy addresses all types of pet-food companies: Startups who want to innovate in the market or SMEs and GIs who want to increase their catalogue.

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Sustainable Production

There is no waste in nature, and the world production model must take this as an example in order not to deplete the planet’s resources.
We are committed to disposing of food waste in a totally circular manner.

Life below water

Fish is an important ingredient in many people’s diets and fishing is the main method humans use to obtain this precious food. Fishing also takes place to feed fish farms, which are essential to meet the growing demand. This unsustainable process must end!
That is why we offer food that makes aquaculture sustainable.

Stop deforestation

Large areas are exploited for livestock farming, but even larger areas are used to produce the feed they need. To meet the demand for feed, land is over-exploited, resulting in soil degradation and loss of biodiversity.
By taking advantage of the vertical farming concept, our animals need much less land to grow, allowing us to provide environmentally sustainable raw materials for animal feed.

From CEO Gabriele’s research and the meeting with Giovanni and Pierluigi, the start-up revolutionizing food waste disposal was born.

Gabriele Baldo

Giovanni Turchetti

Pierluigi Fiorelli

Rodolfo Dimasi

In 2021

The newly formed team won the Lazio Region’s Digital Contamination Lab organised by Lazio Innova

In February 2022

won the Boost Your Ideas course also organised by the Lazio Region through Lazio Innova

In April 2022

the company was established and joined the Zero Cleantech accelerator of the Italian Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, receiving an initial investment


We see it as a world where man and the environment are in harmony, where the life cycle of things, as happens in nature, is not interrupted, but is a perpetually changing flow.


We do this starting from the beginning because there is no food that better matches the natural eating habits of animals than insects.


Because creating a circular supply chain is not only good for the planet, but also for the people who live on it:

  • New jobs
  • Resilience
  • Interchange
  • Community growth

Join the revolution starting from the earth.

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