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This is Protein Italy's innovation: a functionalized wet food for animal well-being. One ingredient many nutrients. It's used in pet food for wet and dry products. Sold frozen to preserve and offer the best quality.


It is the flagship product of Protein Italy. From the rearing of Hermetia illucens larvae, after processing, we obtain a flour with a low moisture content (<10%) and a high protein content (>50%), with all the essential amino acids for animal needs.


It is the oil fraction extracted by pressing from the dried larvae. Its valuable content is mainly represented by saturated fatty acids such as lauric, myristic and palmitic acids. The unsaturated ones include palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids. An ingredient with high palatability and digestibility.


During digestion, the larvae transform the waste into a fertiliser with high organic matter (>85%), nitrogen and minerals. But what makes it valuable for soil health is the presence of chitin, which promotes resistance against pests and pathogens, strengthening the plant's defences and allowing healthy root growth.

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